My training during the week is about shaving seconds off my pace. That basically means pushing myself, sometimes pretty hard, not allowing myself a lot of comfort. This is all so new to me, and tonight’s realization is that sometimes I have to fool my body to get across the resistance to do harder work. I have just recently become acquainted with Lindsey Stirling and there was this one song I kept repeating on my iPhone over and over again tonight because it was the one that kept me on the fastest pace (13.33 min/mile). In fact, at one point the music sounded so joyful that I found myself skipping and dancing down the street. So I am not the least bit surprised to come home and discover the name of this particular piece is Transcendence. I get to hear this young woman in concert next month–going to a real dive to hear her too–the week after the half-marathon. Is that very way cool or what?

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