Forgive Me


I realize this is probably only interesting to me.  But it is exhilarating and new and so unexpected.  I have stuck with my regular route for week-day training, focused on improving my pace.  Since I began measuring my pace, here’s what it looks like:

1/10–16:58 min/mi
1/14–16:23 min/mi
1/16–15:52 min/mi

Tomorrow I am going to enroll at the wellness center at the hospital closest to my house. About 1/2 of the route is hilly.  I’ve built some hill walking endurance by repeatedly going over the bridges around the downtown area of Ft Lauderdale.  But I think I need to do more.  At the wellness center, I hope to program a treadmill with the profile of the hill portion of the route in B’ham and do several training sessions building some speed and endurance on the hills.

I have no idea if I am training adequately or not.  I don’t even care that much.  What matters is the sense of agency and responsibility for my own results.  I like it. I like it a lot.  Thank you for your patience reading this boring stuff…

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