Cold Weather Man


I’ve had this nagging fear about the differences in temperature between South Florida and  Birmingham.  On Saturday, I wore the clothes I had been planning to use for the 1/2 marathon to train at the gym early in the morning.  I didn’t dew. I didn’t perspire. I sweated like a stuck hog because it was probably about 78 in the gym.  This morning, I checked the weather forecast–the high is forecast to be 48, the low, 34.  That’s colder than I had anticipated based on checking weather reports for the past few weeks.  So I’ve just been in visiting with my friends at LLBean.  They say you should only wear clothes you have already “broken in”–well, that’s not going to be completely the case.  Aaargh….

So does anyone out there have any advice or insights about what happens with pace, etc., when you’ve trained in warm weather and have to actually perform where it is cold?  Inquiring minds want to know…

6 thoughts on “Countdown…

  1. My daughter is a marathoner. She lives, trains and coaches in Dallas. She goes from hot to cold frequently and has run in marathons across the country. Lori will have a common sense answer if you can wait for her to send you a note this evening. Her real job is a Nurse Practitioner in orthopedics at Childrens Hospital in Dallas..

  2. Having watched my kids and friends participate in half and full marathons I have noticed the following: You are in the starting gate for a long time. You definitely don’t want to be cold. As soon as you start moving you will warm quickly. You need throw away clothes. Wear something that you don’t mind tossing as your body warms. At the Indy Marathon the course is littered with hats, gloves and light jackets. All are gathered, washed and given to the homeless! I’m not sure about your pace, but I would think it would be better in a cooler and less humid environment. GO SAM…

  3. What Mary said… My sisters, who run marathons, keep their old, comfy t-shirts and sweatshirts for marathons. They dress in many layers and she layers as they are no longer needed. They told me this is common and race sponsors pick-up and clean-up these cast-off pieces of clothing and donote them to charity. Also, that way you will not be wearing “new” clothes on race-day but will have you most comfy, broken-in clothes.

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