On The Day Before Ash Wednesday

Over these past few days, folks I have never met face to face, and other ones dear friends, have just overwhelmed me with graces through the Internet. My dear cyberspace friend, Martha Spong, of posted a link to Sicutlocustusest, a retired seminary professor’s blog; it was a sermon to pastors and priests that was like the brightest and gentlest light imaginable being made to shine on Transfiguration, which I have always struggled with.  Yesterday, friends near and far gave me wonderful advice about dressing for the half marathon in Birmingham on Sunday.  I’ve been pointed to some fascinating reads on teleology and other somewhat esoteric topics that fire lots of neurons in my brain these days.  And I’ve been busting out with laughter at some of the absurd and brilliant bits of humor that get posted online.  Cathy Thirsk Stevens is a friend I have not ever met but have remarkable affinity with.  Today the gift comes from her.  It is a haunting piece on YouTube that seems the most beautiful way to give voice to the alleluias one last time before Lent begins tomorrow.  Thank you Cathy.

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