Black, White and Sharp

DSCN0927I did it–the desk is assembled.  I am almost done with my new desk chair–the last pieces left to assemble are on the desk.  Black and white–about the only parts of my life with that kind of clarity tonight are my new desk and chair-in-process.  And in the complexity and out-n-out confusion of it all, a new kind of sharp too.


This Christmas, Sherod got a beautiful set of Buck pocket knives–and the person who gave them to him said that the smaller one was for me.  Along with a ‘lectric drill, flat head screwdriver and phillips screwdriver, I used a  pocket knife.  Never, ever owned one, never thought I would either.  And now I do. Is that totally cool or what?  New year, new office space, new lots of stuff.

2 thoughts on “Black, White and Sharp

  1. Rosita Linda, Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I started building stuff after my husband passed. After years of building many projects with him i guess it transcended a need to transform nature (found wood pieces) into usable and nice furniture. An aptitude I never knew I had. I love doing it and wish for any spare time I have to create something. And I guess after not having done it for years when I was a practicing full time artist before being married.
    I have been wanting to also tell you that I wanted to share a friend/relative with you. I briefly mentioned her about you earlier on the when you wrote about your recent clergy happening and I believe you were in New York if I’m correct? Her name is Reverend Elizabeth Murray, she is my sister’s (Sandra) sister in law who is married to Elizabeth brother Jamie Murray.
    She lives and is a Reverend in San Francisco, California. How can I transfer this to her email or rather you help me make the connection if you would be interested? I love her dearly, she has helped me in conversation/consolations after Greg passed away and still we communicate and I am grateful. I am positive you are going to like her as well.
    Thanks again for sharing,
    Leslie Buell

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