DSCN0935My new office space is just about ready.  I am even going to have place to sit and read, knit or sew with good light when the Mallowman wants to watch his football games.  I’ve had to do a heck of a lot of moving things around, sorting and decluttering, and accepting the pieces that don’t quite fit perfectly but are are good enough.  I have a sense now of how the space will work–in fact, I am writing this at my new desk.  My life and vocation, like my office space,are sorting themselves out into a new order and path.   The icing on the cake this evening was dinner with the girl Maria who has navigated the first three days back at school flawlessly–a completely new experience for all of us.  Every single year since she started school in 2002, the first week after Christmas vacation has been a nightmare.  Even if it goes south tomorrow and Friday, the first three days were great.

Earlier this week, I was in touch with Carol, her behavior therapist who has been such a graceful member of “Team Maria”.  She said that at BARC and at school, the rest of the team and she are observing Maria get into her white-hot trigger situations (that is, the situations where she is most likely to loose it) and self restrain successfully.  None of us had dared hope for such a step forward. I know this path and I am grateful for today without projecting what tomorrow may bring.  But still.  Progress.  Real, deeply meaningful progress.  And the sweetest joy imaginable.


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