Sherod came through the surgery well. It is still hard to believe the Dr wasn’t even in the same room since it was robotic surgery. Holy Cross is perhaps the foremost hospital in this country for hip replacement. That fits considering how many elderly people live here in this area. Skilled, probably brilliant, surgery is followed by mediocre service and nursing. I had to insist that the special air “stockings” that help prevent phlebitis got hooked up and used. When we got to his room, I was handed a menu and told I would call “room service” to order meals for him. Mid afternoon, we called and after 40 minutes on hold and more calls I finally had to go through the system demanding a human voice not voice mail. Food services has been outsourced and it sucks. Though Sherod is in a double room, the other bed is empty. I asked if I could sleep over with him and was told yes, if I wanted to sleep in the chair pictured above. I guess I am going home late tonight instead.

I started to make a fuss about this too and then I stopped. As soon as Sherod got settled in the room and the medical staff had left, he held out his hand and asked me to pull the chair closer. For most of the afternoon, I sat quietly and held hands with him. After this tough year, part of the healing is about lowering our guard, not moving so automatically into warrior mode. I will be attentive and insist he gets the care he needs. The rest I can let go of so I can sit and hold his hand.

3 thoughts on “Healing

  1. Rosa,
    Mike and I are so glad that Sherod came through the surgery. Send me an email or direct message on Facebook on timing for his release from the hospital. We would like to do something for you both – especially you since you will have to pull most of the weight. I am guessing they will have him out of bed tomorrow. Let the good times roll….:-)

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