Let it Go

Over Christmas, Sherod suggested we go see Frozen with Maria.  You could have knocked me over with a feather–the Mallowman and I both are not Disney friends, and even less, of the whole Disney notion of the princess game.  I grudgingly acceded mainly because Maria was delighted.  I figured I could have a nice nap in the cool darkness of the theater.

Wow!  It was compelling, it was funny, it was so completely unexpected, turning the stereotype of the passive princess on its head, giving a whole new meaning to “true love” as the only way to break the spell of darkness. In a sense, Let it Go  is the anthem, even if it is a Disney anthem, for breaking out of imprisoning chains of duty, chains of the dreaded word that still points at some important truths about the messes we get into: codependence, and out chains of fear.  My favorite part of this particular sequence is when Eva finds her way towards the yes of her existence and you see her move into her full incarnate self in a sexy, sassy, lovely way. Spoiler alert: her new found beauty is not in preparation for when that handsome prince finally comes to save her.

I loved this movie.  Go see it you haven’t yet.

One thought on “Let it Go

  1. Rosa, that is so powerful. Thank you for sharing the song and also for so beautifully sharing your experience of it. This was just what I needed. It moved me to tears. Thinking of you and Sherod and Maria in your alone-time this week.

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