Cold and Beautiful

DSCN1068I did it! I made a snow angel and it was colder than all get out because right under the snow was a layer of ice. I had been talking to a pair of workers who were shoveling snow in Central Park and they drove by on their golf cart just as I got started crossing over a little fence into an area of perfectly untouched snow.  One of the guys was a Salvadoreño whose daughter is studying cinematography at NYU and offered to take my picture.

I also indulged in the luxury of having lunch at the food mall at the Plaza–fresh ricotta and prosciutto on toasted farmer’s bread with chives and a tiny drizzle of olive oil. YUUUUMMMM


The colors are so amazing on a sunny day after the snow has stopped.



And rich people just freak me out sometimes–the window at Bottega Veneta–dolls with enormous heads and tiny, scrawny bodies wearing outfits costing tens of thousands.  Weird sh&t.


I worked very hard this afternoon and still have a business dinner to attend in a while.  The news from back home is that my girl is back on a self-injuring jag, bad enough that today she had to be taken from school early because she had caused two pretty significant wounds on her arm.

I finally figured something else out about rage, grief, loss and life:  I can’t save her. I can’t redraw the contours of her life. I can love her. And that is enough…

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