IMG_0046It is fiercely cold and fiercely beautiful outside this morning.  The news today is all about the storm that’s coming.  I have set up notifications and stuff because I hope to fly home late this evening.  The last time I was here, I sat at LaGuardia for over 6 hours. Me thinks the same fate awaits me this evening.

I worked close to 12 hours yesterday–intense, sometimes illuminating, daunting, as well. And I have figured this out about New York:  It is an incredibly seductive place to visit.  I feel sort-of like Mowgli when Kaa the python is doing her hypnotic thing in the Disney movie Jungle Book.  Both days, I have had breakfast at a place called Le Pain Quotidien which is on the same block as my hotel.  It feels like coming home to walk into that space with a long communal table, amazing irish oatmeal, and warmth and friendly service.  Of course, this being New York, it’s mine for a price–breakfast of oatmeal and coffee, $15.00.



I had just a bit of time yesterday morning to go to Grand Central Station, right next to my hotel, and there too, there was the sense of rightness.  One thing I can say about this place is, along with being a city with obscenely rich people who create enclaves of privilege that leave me horribly uneasy, it also has incredibly beautiful public spaces that are available to everyone.  I mean, really, to get to complain about a train schedule by going up to this window?

DSCN1108I’m glad I’ve been here.  And now, I hope I get home before the storm.

3 thoughts on “Après…

  1. Rosita, I’ve never been to New York. But I’ve seen it through the eyes of friends, through my sister’s eyes (Alicia), and through yours. Your view is more poignant (I still don’t know what it really means, but it sounds suitable). Definitely the kind of NY I’d like to see even if I couldn’t afford it. Cheers!

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