What I Have to Show for the Weekend

Weekends are definitely harder.  It didn’t help that yesterday Boo got real sick.  Her symptoms were like the ones she had twice before, when she had intestinal blockages.  I couldn’t even begin to imagine having to decide whether or not to operate when those operations run in the thousands and Sherod and I have promised each other not to do that again.   Today, the old dame is able to hold down her food and is in good spirits so it may just have been gastritis.  I get to see what I was able to accomplish by being determined not to get overwhelmed.


Hauling debris out of the yard.




Mowing some more.


Making peach ice cream from scratch


Cooking a meal, bringing in a rose from the garden, getting to know some new friends.

On Tuesday I drive down to Tallahassee to see my girl and come back on Wednesday.  There’s lots left to do and my buddy C. will be here on the 19th and my spouseman on the 29th.  I do get to missing some of the parts of the life I left behind and have to work a little extra to keep looking forward.  There’s no way it could be otherwise, I don’t think…


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