IMG_0541When I took my girl to Fort Lauderdale, there was too much traffic and we had too many things to do to get to drive along A1A and see the ocean.  I am giving a workshop at a church conference tomorrow and this is the view from my window this afternoon.  Earlier today, there was a thick crust of frost on my car and before we took off from the airport in Montgomery, the plane had to be de-iced. Even here, the wind cuts with its chill and I don’t have the clothes to get close to the water.  But I can stand on my balcony and hear the whoosh of the waves and every time I look up from my laptop, I watch them rolling into the beach.  I have missed the ocean.

I took the hotel shuttle in from the airport and and got to chat in Swedish with the shuttle driver–a Swede from Stockholm who has retired here on Amelia Island.  I’ve gotten to speak in Spanish to lots of people here too.

Ocean, Spanish and Swedish? I must be back in Florida…

2 thoughts on “Florida

  1. I got a moment’s peep at the ocean driving back from Connecticut last weekend — and there was great joy in that. May the ocean’s heartbeat soothe yours…

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