Forsythia in bloom

Forsythia in bloom

First cut flower from the garden

First cut flowers from the garden

The chicken run

The chicken run

You blink, this time of year, and you think pixie dust has been sprinkled on  the world.  My trip to DC did not happen so it has been a day of laundry and other “quotidian mysteries”, deeply reassuring  rhythms and sounds, the smell of things newly clean and fresh.  It was really hot (as in 80 degrees on Wednesday afternoon) and then we got lashing rains followed by one more bitterly cold front that raged through here so when I got up at 5 this morning, the thermometer read 25.  As the day has progressed, the sun has shone more and more brightly, warming us to somewhere around 50.  Sherod, and then Sherod and I, went to work on the ‘chicken run’ for the young ladies who have grown a lot and are now in serious need of more room.

Yesterday, I realized that just like that, a forsythia bush had burst into bloom and today, there were even more flowers to enjoy.  Lots of bulbs are pushing out new growth in several parts of the garden–have no idea what they might be and can’t wait to see.  But in the meantime, I can bring in cut flowers for the house. And that is just heaven.   

3 thoughts on “Blink

  1. You are so right… nothing like the feeling of breaking out into the sunshine, and checking your garden for what surprises await to brighten you day and your home. I almost bought forsythia branches today at Trader Joes but then thought I will wait for my own! Can’t wait to see the multiple colors of eggs your hens lay… a friend brought us a beautiful dozen of tan, brown, light sage green, butter yellow and an almost robins’ egg blue. The yolks are like liquid gold. On the menu for a mushroom and cheese omelet tomorrow AM.

  2. Thank you for reminding me that spring is hiding under all this snow! There is great beauty here, too – but little color and no warmth.

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