This and that


  • I’ve had a fierce case of tendonitis or arthritis or something in my thumb as I finished my work with ECF. I’ve been trying to do only the essential typing to give my hand a chance.  Today, I sent in my last expense report, the last bit of administrative stuff I had left to do and today was my official last day.  These past two weeks I have been organizing and documenting my two major projects.  My friend and co-facilitator, Deb, and I also did our final workshop over the weekend.  The job never quite fit for me and at the same time, I am thankful for work that allowed me to make the transition from Ft Lauderdale to here, and I am proud because as a member of the start-up team, I think I made a strong contribution.  This is a nice, clean ending and for that, I am glad.
  • At the same time I was wrapping up with ECF, I was going deeper into parish ministry.  We lost a member of St. Paul’s who was particularly dear to me and Monday found Sherod and me driving to Trussville, AL a suburb of Birmingham, to do the funeral. There’s quite a lot to do at the Ascension right now as well.  I had missed the mess and grit of parish ministry, the fact that there is always something a little bit frayed (and sometimes tattered) at the edges.  There’s a different kind of rhythm that emerges around worship — an order that isn’t sequential and clear, not a map, as much as a field, ground you cover over and over again, yet is different each time you look.  I am preaching and celebrating at the Ascension this Sunday and I realized I have preached on this particular passage from John in five different communities now.  It amazes me that it keeps meaning something so different each time it arrives in the Revised Common Lectionary.
  • One of the absolutely amazing gifts of my time ministering in the Latino community in Fort Lauderdale was discovering home-cooked Mexican food.  Maru, Marlene, Lupe, Alejandra, Mónica and many others prepared meals I will never forget.  I have missed their food and the fellowship over meals with them more than words can tell.  So when I saw a post by one of the Ascension folks about this Mexican place in Montgomery, I knew I had to check it out.  I almost wept it felt so good to be back in that world, with Univision playing and cilantro, radishes and tacos al pastor so good they’d make you slap your mama bringing back sweet, sweet memories.  There was a party in my mouth–a sparkling, caliente, wonderful party in my mouth and next time they make Pollo con Mole Verde they’re going to call and let me know. Isn’t it amazing how the pieces rearrange themselves and what we thought was lost sometimes has simply been made new.

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