Thursday, I had finished a class for the prevention of child sexual abuse, after a fairly long string of back-to-back work days filled to overflowing –some of the work was very hard, some of it just the warp and woof of ministry: tending to people, baptizing, funeralizing, visiting, listening. I was exhausted and I had a nasty summer cold. If I looked straight ahead, this was my view. Summer weather–thunder bumpers come through with heavy rain and sometimes, amazing lightning shows.  What was more striking this time was the clear boundary, the line of demarcation that reminded me that storms do have a beginning and an end.  That was helpful.  It wasn’t only that I would get to drive out past the storm, but that I was driving straight to my vacay-staycay-“bro”cation.  Hans, my brother, would be flying in from Holland two days later and today, I would get to sit out on our new deck with my dad and brother, drinking coffee late into the morning, laughing and breathing deep.  Shabbat Shalom…

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